Chronic Ankle Pain

Chronic lateral ankle pain often results from a prior ankle sprain or injury and involves pain along the outer ankle area.

What Causes Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain?

  • Repetitive ankle sprains and post-sprain formation of scar tissue
  • Fractures in the ankle joint bones
  • Arthritis of the ankle joint, or inflammation of the ankle joint, tendons, or joint lining
  • Ankle-area nerve damage, including stretching, tearing, or pinching of ankle nerves

What Are Symptoms of Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain?

  • Outer ankle and lower leg pain
  • Stiff, tender ankle
  • Swelling of the ankle area
  • Unstable ankle and trouble maintaining balance on bumpy, unleveled ground or while wearing high-heeled shoes

Chronic Ankle pain can be treated with many different methods. Your Cornerstone Foot Ankle surgeon may suggest taking anti-inflammatory or prescription steroidal medications on a temporary basis to decrease swelling, doing physical therapy, including exercises that strengthen and improve the range of motion for ankle muscles, wearing an ankle brace or ankle supports, and immobilizing the area to allow bone healing after fractures. Contact Cornerstone Foot & Ankle for an immediate appointment or request your appointment online TODAY!