Choose the Right Shoes for Your Exercise Routine

The right athletic shoe can make a big difference in success with your chosen exercise or sport. Investing in a separate, specific pair of shoes for each activity will really pay off. Here are some quick guidelines. Running Runners need extra cushioning in the heel and forefoot to handle the great impact that hits the […]

Learn More About Orthotics: Their Benefits and Functionality Will Surprise You!

When you hear the word “orthotics,” what image jumps into your mind? An orthopedic device that helps prevent or correct a foot deformity? An appliance to help reduce an elderly person’s risk of falling? A shoe insert to realign the leg and relieve knee pain from osteoarthritis? Well, custom–fitted orthotics do all that and much […]

KeryFlex: The Solution For Ugly Feet

KeryFlex is considered to be the “gold standard” cosmetic improvement to compliment laser fungal treatments. A series of treatments are applied during the time it takes new nails to clear. Applications are stopped when new nails emerge. What is KeryFlex? Keryflex is a nail restoration system that uses polymer resins and special activators to create […]

Say Goodbye To Stinky Sweaty Feet

Don’t let Stinky Sweaty Feet Take Over Many people experience sweaty feet from time to time. However, for some people excessive foot sweating is a persistent problem which can be difficult to manage and most likely lead to smelly feet. Its little wonder that your feet begin to sweat and smell when they spend all […]

Wet Shoes? Don’t Let Your Feet Suffer!

Stepped in a puddle? Dropped a tray of drinks? Whatever the reason may be, we all have had a pair of wet shoes a time or two. When water seeps through your footwear, your skin absorbs the water causing your feet to become waterlogged, wrinkly and even smell. YUCK! The longer your feet are wet, […]

2 Easy Ways to Avoid Ugly Toenails

Two Quick and Easy Ways to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus Toenail fungal infections, also known as onychomycosis, affect approximately 40 million people in United States. Toenail fungus is usually acquired as a result of genetics, immunocompromised diseases, aging, trauma or poor foot care. Patients with toenail fungus may experience thick, brittle and discolored nails […]

Ouch My Heel Hurts! FAQ About Heel Pain

Just about everyone experiences heel pain at least once. Heel pain may not signal a serious condition, but it certainly interferes with your normal activities like exercising and even walking. Here are some frequent questions that we are often asked in our practice about this very common ailment: What causes heel pain? One of the […]

A Sock a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Whether it’s because you haven’t done your laundry yet or you think it’s stylish, there are many reasons why someone may wear shoes without socks. Wearing shoes with out socks can cause unwanted bacteria and even foot infections.  Wearing socks creates a barrier between your shoes and feet which easily prevents skin conditions such as […]