Persistent Toenail Problems Won’t Heal by Themselves

All too often we take our feet for granted until we need help with a foot or ankle problem. This is especially true for our toenails. Except for regular trimming or pedicures, we usually ignore these very important parts of our feet. But you never know what problem may be hiding under your favorite shade […]


DO YOU SUFFER FROM ANY OF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS Lower back pain Leg fatigue Heel pain/plantar fasciitis Pain at the ball of your foot Knee or hip pain Arch pain Hammertoes Corn or calluses Bunions Ankle instability If so, you may benefit from custom molded orthotics. Luckily for you, we are running a special during […]

Professional Pedicure Tips

Be Aware When Choosing a Professional Pedicure A professional pedicure at a salon or spa is the perfect gift for your favorite Valentine … or just for you! But some salons may send you home with more than painted toenails. Certain nail services including pedicures have been linked to infections. Choose your nail salon carefully […]

All About Toes

Our toes are engineering marvels of bone, tendons and muscles and they really take a beating! They are constantly exposed to injury with walking, running or just moving around. And the pressures inside our shoes can cramp the toes and lead to stress–related problems. If you have toe discomfort, there are many different causes that […]

Avoid Foot and Ankle Injury During Winter Sports

For many of us, winter brings a whole new set of sports and outdoor activities. Ice-skating, ice hockey, snowboarding and skiing activities are a great way to get some fresh air and have fun during these long snowy months. However, they are also very high speed and high impact sports contributing to many injuries of […]

Peripheral Arterial Disease – The Foot and Heart Health Connection

February is American Heart Month and the perfect time to discuss a little-known fact: That your feet can give you an important clue as to your heart health! Peripheral arterial disease (PAD), commonly called poor circulation, is the restriction of blood flow in the leg arteries. Plaque caused by the accumulation of cholesterol and other […]

5 Common Skin Problems Found on the Feet

Your feet are a unique part of your body for many reasons: They are the furthest part of your body from your heart which can be a problem for circulation. They are always in contact with surfaces that can cause injury and harbor contagious fungi. They are enclosed in shoes which create a dark and […]

Losing Weight Starts With Your Feet

Many of the estimated 70 million obese Americans are trapped in a life-threatening vicious cycle Obesity aggravates foot problems, like heel pain and flat feet; sore feet make it hard to exercise and lose weight; and without exercise, obesity worsens and exacerbates progression of diabetes, heart disease and other serious health threats. Today we urge obese adults to seek […]