Sports-Related Foot and Ankle Injuries

Don’t Ignore the Pain Whether you work out regularly, are a weekend warrior or even if you are a professional athlete – sports-related foot and ankle injuries are very common. Depending on your sport, your feet and ankles can really take a beating from repetitive play. If you are a runner, your feet are subjected […]


DO YOU SUFFER FROM ANY OF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS Lower back pain Leg fatigue Heel pain/plantar fasciitis Pain at the ball of your foot Knee or hip pain Arch pain Hammertoes Corn or calluses Bunions Ankle instability If so, you may benefit from custom molded orthotics. Luckily for you, we are running a special during […]

All About Toes

Our toes are engineering marvels of bone, tendons and muscles and they really take a beating! They are constantly exposed to injury with walking, running or just moving around. And the pressures inside our shoes can cramp the toes and lead to stress–related problems. If you have toe discomfort, there are many different causes that […]

Mow The Lawn, Not Your Feet

Power Mowers Pose Danger to Feet: Thousands of Foot Injuries Can be Prevented Each Year Lawn care season is back and South Jersey foot and ankle surgeon, Josh Miller, DPM, cautions homeowners to protect their feet and the feet of those around them when using rotary-blade lawnmowers. Each year, some 25,000 Americans sustain injuries from […]

Hikers and Hunters: Long, Vigorous Hikes Take Toll on Feet, Ankles

As brightly colored leaves dazzle the fall landscape, hikers and hunters nationwide will migrate to mountains, woods and fields, but many, unfortunately, are ill prepared for the beating their feet will take, warns a local foot and ankle surgeon. “Hikers, hunters and others who love the outdoors often don’t realize how strenuous it can be […]

Reflect On Your Feet

THEY SAY EYES ARE THE WINDOWS TO THE SOUL, BUT FOR PEOPLE WITH DIABETES, THEIR FEET CAN BE THE TRUEST TELL FOR ANY LOOMING HEALTH ISSUES. People with diabetes can experience nerve damage called peripheral neuropathy, or damage of the peripheral nerves. When nerves are damaged, they don’t function properly. People with peripheral neuropathy have decreased or abnormal sensation in their toes and fingers. This […]

Shoe shopping for kids: A parent’s guide to a year-round task

Cornerstone Shoes

What is it about children’s feet that make them seem like the fastest-growing part of their bodies? With back-to-school shopping behind you for another year, you might hope you can stop spending on shoes—at least until flip-flop season arrives with spring. But kids’ feet do grow year round, right along with the rest of them. […]

Which Running Shoe is Right for You?

One of the first steps to healthy running is wearing supportive running shoes. Neglecting to wear proper footwear can lead to a variety of foot problems that can cause injury and impede performance. Feet are generally categorized into three types: low/flat arch, normal arch, and high arch. Look below to see which type of running shoe fits […]