Wearing Flip-Flops Can Be Risky

Flip-flops are fun to wear in warm weather and they are everywhere! Not everyone calls them flip-flops, however. They are also called “zories” on the East Coast, “slippers” in Hawaii and “clam diggers” in Texas. Outside the U.S., wearers enjoy them as “jandals”, “thongs” and “plakkies.” No matter what you call them, flip-flops are convenient […]

Tips For a Safer Barefoot Summer

Parents and families can prevent cuts, puncture wounds and other injuries from going barefoot by following some simple recommendations from your very own foot and ankle specialist. “Shoes are the best way to protect your family’s feet from injuries,” says Robert Warkala, DPM. “But if your summer just wouldn’t be the same without kicking off […]

Safety Tips For Hitting The Beach

As millions of Americans hit the beach this summer, Robert Warkala, DPM a foot and ankle surgeon with offices in Sewell, Glassboro, Cherry Hill, Marlton, Woodbury and Mt. Holly shares these safety tips. Puncture wounds and cuts: Wear shoes to protect your feet from puncture wounds and cuts caused by sea shells, broken glass and […]

12 Steps to Happy and Healthier Feet

Take care of your diabetes Make healthy lifestyle choices to keep your blood glucose (sugar), blood pressure and cholesterol close to normal. Doing so may help prevent or delay diabetes-related foot problems. Wear shoes & socks at all times Do not walk barefoot, even indoors, because it’s easy to step on something and hurt your […]

60 Seconds to Stomp Out Cancer

Foot melanoma is the deadliest cancer, but routine foot self-exams can increase early detection, survival The next time you clip your toenails, take a closer look at the rest of your feet. An extra 60 seconds could save your life. Josh Miller, DPM, a member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. .Dr. […]

Can You Get Skin Cancer On Your Feet?

What Are Skin Cancers of the Feet? Skin cancer can develop anywhere on the body, including in the lower extremities. Skin cancers of the feet have several features in common. Most are painless, and often there is a history of recurrent cracking, bleeding, or ulceration. Frequently, individuals discover their skin cancer after unrelated ailments near […]

Don’t Get Cut Barefoot!

Cut Yourself Walking Barefoot? It Could Be More Serious Than you Realize Bare feet are universally associated with summer, but for those who enjoy walking barefoot, a local foot and ankle surgeon warns that inattention to seemingly minor puncture wounds on the soles of your feet can allow serious infections to develop and spread. “Going […]

Don’t Let The Summer Sun Scorch Your Feet!

Sunscreen on Your Feet? Doctor urges sunscreen use and exams to prevent skin cancer on feet When at the pool or lake we all lather up with sun screen to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. But do we remember to apply sunscreen to our feet? Many don’t realize skin cancer […]