Avoiding Footwear Fumbles When Exercising or Playing Sports

No one disputes that exercise provides a host of health benefits, from helping control weight to improving cardiovascular function. But exercising in the wrong footwear can cause more harm than good, especially because foot health is integral to overall well-being. “To get the most out of your workout or from playing a favorite sport, it’s […]

6 Tips to Protect Your Child in Fall Sports

Back-to-school sports season linked to ankle injuries. If your children are playing sports this fall, pay attention to six tips that could protect them from serious ankle injuries. Every fall, Cornerstone Foot & Ankle Surgeons notice an increase in ankle injuries among young athletes. Football, soccer and basketball are the sports most likely to lead […]

Five Signs Your Child May Have a Foot Problem

Foot and ankle problems in children often go unnoticed. Signs and symptoms can be subtle, and sometimes children can’t explain what’s wrong. But it’s important to protect growing feet and have problems checked out early. Dr. Josh Miller offers five warning signs parents should watch for. 1. Your Kids Can’t Keep Up with Their Peers […]

Don’t Get Cut Barefoot!

Cut Yourself Walking Barefoot? It Could Be More Serious Than you Realize Bare feet are universally associated with summer, but for those who enjoy walking barefoot, a local foot and ankle surgeon warns that inattention to seemingly minor puncture wounds on the soles of your feet can allow serious infections to develop and spread. “Going […]

Healthy Feet Make the Best Dancing Feet

Don’t ignore foot pain on the dance floor  Being ‘light on your feet’ when dancing is not entirely true; dancing the night away can take a toll on your feet and ankles. Both professional and amateur dancers can suffer foot injuries that can stop the show, as witnessed recently on the popular reality-television show, Dancing […]