Can Running Cause Stress Fractures?

Common Runners’ Injury: Stress Fractures of the Foot Repetitive impact on feet can increase risk of damage Stress fractures of the foot are becoming more common in runners, especially first-time marathoners, according to South Jersey foot and ankle surgeon Robert Warkala, DPM. The growing popularity of marathons among beginning runners has contributed to the increase […]

March Madness Flash Back- Kevin Ware

If hearing the name Kevin Ware doesn’t make you automatically cringe, then you probably aren’t familiar with what happened to the Louisville basketball player on March 31st, 2013. In the first half of the Elite 8 round of the March Madness College Basketball Tournament, Kevin Ware landed awkwardly after attempting to block a three-point shot […]

Winter Falls Can Cause Broken Ankles

  For many, winter is fall season and Icy conditions cause falls and broken ankles.  With the hectic pace of the holidays, serious injuries from ice-related falls inevitably occur. Dr. Frank Oware says falls on icy surfaces are a major cause of ankle sprains and fractures, and it’s critical to seek prompt treatment to prevent further damage […]

Getting help for the most-common, most-ignored type of pain

If our teeth ache, most of us will head quickly to the dentist for treatment. But if your feet hurt, do you just chalk up the pain as a discomfort of modern life? Sadly, most of us do. Most Americans say they have foot pain at least some of the time, and more of us […]

Charcot Foot- What is it and how can it be treated?

What Is Charcot Foot? Charcot arthropathy, also known as Charcot foot and ankle, is a condition in patients who have neuropathy or loss of sensation. It includes fractures and dislocations of bones and joints that occur with minimal or no known trauma. The bones are weakened enough to fracture, and with continued walking the foot […]