Are Your Shoes Sabotaging Your Fitness?

Is Getting Fit One Of Your New Years Resolutions?

Running shoes

We’ve all been there. New Year, New You. You start packing lunch instead of buying, eating more fruits and veggies. You’re skipping happy hour….. or at least that bowl of ice cream after you’ve put the kids to bed. You set your alarm, wake up early, and head to the gym.  You’re feeling good, and BOOM. Right as you get into your groove, it strikes. Blisters on your toes or heels, arch pain, maybe that constant ache in your heels? The culprit could be right under your nose. Your footwear may be sabotaging your fitness efforts!

Before starting any new fitness regimen, take a look at your shoes. Are they in poor condition? Is there any wear to sole of the shoe? If right off the bat you can answer “yes” to either one of those, it’s time for new footwear.  But what to choose?

Comfortable and properly fitting shoes can very well make or break your exercise routine. If your shoes are in good shape, now take a look at if they fit the activity. Running and walking shoes offer more cushioning and can be more lightweight to make them more comfortable over long distances.  Shoes designed for stop and go movement such as tennis or basketball provide more ankle support to help prevent injury. Prone to ankle sprains? A high grade ankle brace may help.

DID YOU KNOW: Running shoes should be replaced every few hundred miles

Shoes with an excessive or non-uniform wear pattern can magnify the issue that is causing them, making them even more uncomfortable and possibly leading to injury such as an Ankle Sprain. If you notice an unusual wear pattern , contact your Sewell Podiatrist at Cornerstone Foot and Ankle for an evaluation of your foot type. A simple custom insert could correct the problem and help get you from 5k to 13.1 in no time!

If blisters are what plagues you, you could be looking at a couple different issues. Your shoes may simply just be the wrong size. Or need a wider toe box (the front section of the shoe where your toes are!). Or you may just need to pad certain areas before you head out for a flag football game or a long run. Your Podiatrist at Cornerstone can help identify the problem and get you back out there.

Simple changes to your footwear can prevent injury and make for a more enjoyable workout.  Address foot and ankle issues before they become an injury by making a quick Appointment Request at Cornerstone Foot and Ankle today! 30 minutes with one of our doctors could help you avoid injury and keep you moving towards your fitness goal!

We treat little feet too! Proper footwear and foot and ankle health is just as important for a child as it is for an adult. Make an appointment today!