Lisfranc Injury

Have you dropped a can of tomatoes or a box of oranges on your foot and thought the pain will go away for a while but it’s not getting any better?

Have you twisted you foot and have pain in the middle of your foot that swells occasionally and gets painful and you cannot seem to get rid of the pain?

If you answer yes to either of these questions then you most likely have a lisfranc injury. A lisfranc injury has been described as a fracture of the bones in the middle of the foot. It is also a tear of the ligament that holds these bones together. More often than not when you drop something on your foot or twist your foot whiles walking or playing sports you can tear this ligament without breaking the bone. If this happens, an x-ray alone is not enough to find the tear. You may need further studies and a thorough physical exam to find the cause of your pain.


In most instances once a lisfranc injury is diagnosed you may need to stay off your foot in a cast for up to 6 weeks or you may need surgery to fix this ligament and or fracture. The lisfranc complex is the keystone of the foot and if it’s not properly taken care of you may develop arthritis of the foot with chronic pain.

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