Don’t Get Cut Barefoot!

Cut Yourself Walking Barefoot? It Could Be More Serious Than you Realize Bare feet are universally associated with summer, but for those who enjoy walking barefoot, a local foot and ankle surgeon warns that inattention to seemingly minor puncture wounds on the soles of your feet can allow serious infections to develop and spread. “Going […]

Taking a Vacation? Make it Easy on Your Feet

Although rest and relaxation are the goals for most vacations, they usually involve a lot of walking and a lot of walking usually involves sore feet. “Walking is great exercise and one of the most reliable forms of transportation,” says Taral Shah, DPM, a foot and ankle surgeon with offices in Sewell, Glassboro, Cherry Hill, […]

Avoid Pain and Raise Your Game

Avoid some serious pain and raise your game by checking out the best shoes for several sports below. Basketball, Tennis, and Volleyball Common foot injuries: sprains, stress fractures, tendinitis The appropriate footwear should: Have a thick, stiff sole that provides support for impact. Have high ankle construction that supports the ankle during quick changes in […]

A Sock a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Whether it’s because you haven’t done your laundry yet or you think it’s stylish, there are many reasons why you may wear shoes without socks. Wearing socks creates a barrier between your shoes and feet which easily prevents skin conditions such as Athletes Foot, Calluses and Fungal bacteria. Athlete’s foot is a contagious form of […]

High Heeled Winter Boots Dangerous On Ice And Snow

This winter’s fashionable high-heeled boots put women at risk for slips, falls, and injuries on ice and snow, warns  foot and ankle surgeon Taral Shah, DPM. These popular boots typically feature tall, spiked heels and narrow, pointed toes. “Wearing high-heels makes you more unstable when walking or standing on dry surfaces, let alone slippery ones […]

Winter Foot Health Advice

The holidays are over, but most regions of the country face a few more months of winter. Whether you’re slogging through deep snow and sub-zero temperatures in the north, or contending with dampness, chill, and muddy conditions in the south, it’s important to take care of your feet all winter long. You’ll want them to […]